From 30 September 2015 Destination Setesdal AS (JSTC Evjemoen) was no longer a part of Evjemoen Business Park Evje. This means that we will not have our permanent overnight accommodation there any longer but, have access to other overnight accommodation within the former military camp. There are 2 types of acc in the park at our disposal; 1. a large barrack block that has been upgraded with rooms ranging from single rooms to 12 man bunk rooms. It has top modern shower washing facilities and heating that is a good alternative for large groups from Sports clubs, Scouting Org. and other organisations that require acc for large numbers. (140 beds)

The second option has 2 types of buildings that only have a limited number of bedrooms but, are of a much higher standard. Infact, these building and their facilities can be compared to 2/3 star hotels with en-suite bathroom and high hygiene standards. The buildings also have self-catering facilities, modern firealarms and escape systems incase of fire/emergency. We also cooperate with other tourist overnight venues for our overnight guests that take part in our courses and expeditions.  These are:



Winter venues:

The Skinnarbu High Mountain Hotel

25 kms West of Rjukan situated on the Southern edge of the Hardanger Vidda


Situated at the foot of the Byglandsfjord and 11 kms North of the Regional senter of the Setesdal Valley Evje.



TrollAktiv, Evje

Situated 7 kms North of the Regional senter of Evje


Kvitåvatn Fjellstue

Situated 15 kms at the end of the Gausta road above Rjukan

Summer venues:

Evje Odden camping, Evje

Hornnes Camping, Hornnes (Evje)

Troll Aktiv, Evje

Both Skinnarbu and Revsnes Hotels make good venues, summer and Winter for our Corporate groups that want that bit of extra comfort during a course, or as accommodation at the end of an expedition on the Hardanger Vidda.