Destination Setesdal will not be operating as normal this winter 2021 due to Covid travel restrictions. Therefor, it is with deep regret that, all courses and expeditions have been postponed until 2022. New dates for expeditions and courses are being planned and will be available shortly, or on request. However, Destination Setesdal will still be available to facilitate logistically, and help individuals/groups with our expertise, knowledge and equipment with their trips to Norway this winter if they decide, or are allowed to travel to Norway.

We look forward to getting back to normality in the winter of 2022 whether it be for our Heroes of Telemark expeditions for our longterm friends and partners Woodlore Ltd, (Ray Mears) bespoke/taylor made Heroes of Telemark expeditions for private organisations, registered Charities, Corporate groups, Military Adventure Training expeditions, and winter skills courses for individual/group bookings in the stunning hills of the Setesdal Valley and the spectacular mountains of the Hardanger Vidda/Telemark.

Summer/Autumn 2021

Destination Setesdal will be open to receive group bookings for our Heroes of Telemark Battlefield tours, one day reenactments of Op Gunnerside Sabotage route in Rjukan, and our well tried Open Canadian Canoeing expedition, The Viking Trail that we have run very successfully since 2004. See details below. We look forward to this summer, 2021 and beyond with optimism, giving our guests from all over the world, whether it be from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK or Norway an adventure never to be forgotten.

Destination Setesdals manager Brian Desmond is available to lead Taylor made/bespoke Battlefield tours for groups/organisations during the Summer and Autumn of 2021. Please contact him for further information at  briandes@frisurf.no

Winter 2022


Saturday 2901 to Friday 0402

Join Destination Setesdal at our winter base, the Revsnes hotel here in the Setesdal Valley Southern Norway for our week of winter skills that also includes a Battlefield reenactment in Telemark Learn x-country skiing, or revise them in the hills surrounding the Valley on cut, or Virgin trails. Also on the itinerary, we have winter campcraft skills, improvised snow-shelters, snowshoeing, talks covering winter hazards and a chance to experience Biathlon at our mountain Biathlon range. (Skiing/shooting using a .22 Caliber Biathlon weapon)  We finish off the program with a 2 night visit to Rjukan in Telemark and a spectacular reenactment of one of the most famous sabotage Operations during WW2; Op Gunnerside. (Heroes of Telemark)

    Further details with a full itinerary and course fee, plus other details can be sent to those interested by epost. There are limited places available.

  • Bookings will be possible up to and included the 10 January 2022. briandes@frisurf.no Mob (0047) 90140857



We have group booking availability for our Heroes of Telemark Battlefield tours and Expeditions during the winter of 2022 and beyond. If you are a CEO of a Charity wanting to create more funds for your Charity, a Corporate MD that feels an expedition would help develop leadership skills amongst the staff, or a Military Unit wanting to give their personel the ultimate in Force Develop skills, then contact us for more information. This expedition is much more than a winter trip to Norway in stunning pristine nature; all those taking part will be able to learn how to look after themselves in a tough winter enviroment, learn new skills, widen their knowledge about one of the most daring and successful  sabotage Operations during WW2.

The latent adventurous spirit we all have will enable those attending to successfully follow in the Norwegian sabotuers footsteps to their target at the Hydrogen plant at Vemork Rjukan in Telemark; we have never failed yet in any of our 70 expeditions we have organised since 2003. Send us an email with your request. briandes@frisurf.no



Our Open Canadian expedition Canoes ready to be packed for a two, three or four day expedition in the Setesdal Valley Southern Norway

We have plenty of availability for families/groups wanting to experience our Open Canoe paddling expedition in the Setesdal region of Southern Norway during the summer of 2021. The mini expedition takes place mainly on the Byglandsfjord and is guided. It can also be self-led with Destination Setesdal delivering the Canoes to your start location. Or, collecting you from where you finish if starting your trip from our base at Byglandsfjord. Expeditions can be very short, just 2 days and one night; this is suitable for families with young children. Normally, it takes approx 3, or perhaps 4/5 days to paddle from the entry location of Langeid, 65 kilometers further North to the exit location at the end of the Byglandsfjord. Paddling on gentle flowing water for the first 15 kms, you will eventually enter the 40 kms long inland Byglandsfjord with spectacular mountain views either side of the fjord, plenty of beaches and small Islands to camp on.

Paddling South, those with an adventurous spirit, wilderness camping is possible on the many Islands and beaches along the way. Comfortable log cabins are also available if bad weather, or for those wanting a greater degree of comfort. We provide all the equipment you need including fuel, lightweight cooking equipment, sleeping mats, safety equipment and much more. Sleepingbags can also be hired with bag-liners. Our canoes are special expedition canoes with comfortable seats, air Flotation bags  for extra safety and much more to make your trip safe and enjoyable.

Our base at Byglandsfjord is also an ideal location to start your Open Canadian Canoe adventure by just paddling on the fjord. 

Transport of your Canoe (S) is possible with our canoe trailer to the expedition start location if chosing to paddle downstream/South. Or, we can collect you at a pre-determined location if chosing to start your trip from our base in Byglandsfjord.

We can supply family sized cookers/Trangia stoves for 2 persons per Canoe, Gas fuel-Sleeping mats-Tents-2 man tents, Tarps and other safety equipment as part of a package to supply all your needs for overnight expeditions on the Fjord.



Destination Setesdal have 8  new/modern Open Canadian Canoes for hire this summer-Autumn. The Canoes are based in Byglandsfjord, but can be delivered at extra cost to a prefered location. One day or multi day hire at reasonable cost. All Canoes are fitted with airbags for extra safety. We also have a wide selection of tents, camping equipment for hire at very low cost for those that require multi day hire.

For booking contact; briandes@frisurf.no or 0047 90140857

If interested contact  briandes@frisurf.no or 004790140857 for more information about dates and conditions of booking.

Further Information/Dates/Bookings: CONTACT briandes@frisurf.no or/and 004790140857



Contact details for Destination Setesdal
briandes@frisurf.no Mob. 004790140857
Facebook  - Destination Setesdal
Destination Setesdal AS Postbox 246 4735 Evje Norway

80 th Anniversary Operation Gunnerside


Destination Setesdal will run a special 80 th Anniversary Expedition or/and a Battlefield tour reenacting Op Freshman and Operation Grouse in 2022; dates to be decided.

In addition, we intend planning a 80 th Anniversary reenactment of Op Gunnerside in 2023; dates to be decided.

More details about these two events later this year.

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