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For the first time since we started our full re-enactment of Operation Grouse, and the Operation Gunnerside Sabotage route to Vemork Rjukan 15 years ago we can now offer a challenging re-enactment of the Heavy water Sabotuers escape en-route to Sweden. The first expedition will take place in February/March 2019. There are only 8 places available; first come first served

If interested contact  briandes@frisurf.no or 004790140857 for more information about dates and conditions of booking.

Further Information/Dates/Bookings: CONTACT briandes@frisurf.no or/and 004790140857


Welcome to the website of Destination Setesdal Ltd. We are an independent leisure company based in Evje, a small village which lies at the foot of the Setesdal valley southern Norway. The company has, as it’s goal to give our customers professional independent advice and help when needed. Offering a wide range of services we co-operate with many established companies within the travel-world, in and outside of Norway.

Our main areas of interest are:
1. Battlefield expeditions/tours to Norway summer and winter following
in the footsteps of the Heroes of Telemark.
2. Taylor made Winter courses/expeditions.
3. Open Canadian Canoeing summer expeditions “The Viking Trail”.
4. Film Fixer/adviser to International film companies.
5. Taylor made Family holidays.

Destination Setesdal is located in a modern office with lecture/meeting facilities in the centre of the village. In addition, we have a large store containing a wide range of Winter and summer Outdoor equipment situated close by at Evjemoen Business Park. For guest/group accommodation, we cooperate with many overnight venues in the lower Setesdal Valley and Telemark. These range from wilderness campsites besides fjords, Military style accommodation, (Large groups) an Outdoor Rafting centre with self catering, Mountain Lodges and 5 Star High Mountain hotels.

Contact details for Destination Setesdal
briandes@frisurf.no Mob. 004790140857
Facebook  - Destination Setesdal
Destination Setesdal AS Postbox 246 4735 Evje Norway

75 Anniversary Operation Gunnerside

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